Autumn Ambitions....

 - make better health choices, like getting up an hour earlier to squeeze in a workout or planning ahead to have healthy dinners instead of just opting for something quick and convenient without nutritional value....I fell into some baaaaaaad habits the first half of the year! So far I have signed up for a spin class called Tilt. This is my second week going, and I love it!!

 - I want to focus a bit more on my Etsy store, because I have let that go for a bit... I need to take pictures of inventory, get things organized and get things rotating out so that I can keep thrifting without it costing me a dime! 

 - take a few mini road trips and adventures. I kinda want to take a camping trip.... deep in the mountains.

 - plan next year's garden. The hardest part of clearing the land is done, and the boxes are in place. Now I just have to plan THE perfect garden. This will be the first garden at the new place! Pretty exciting!!! 

 - take Eddie on more adventures. Slowly Eddie is becoming MY pet. He was my dad's dog, then he was Rose's companion, and now he is making his way deeper into my heart. Losing Baby was devastating and honestly I didn't feel like I was ready to have another pup at the farm, but low and behold, ol' Eddie Ray has won me over. 

 - Paint my nails more. Bright colors. At least once a week. Isn't it funny how some colorful nails can totally change your whole attitude?

 - find time to sew. My machine has been broken and the last project was a set of blue velvet blackout curtains for the livingroom. They are ALMOST finished. My machine crapped out on the last corner of stitching, so it's long overdue to get that fixed and get back to sewing!! 

 - sleeping in on the weekends as the weather turns cooler. And then waking up with a warm coffee and some old vinyl playing.... while a fire warms the house.... eeeeeek! Lovely!!

 - bake lots of Fall goodies! The pecans will be hitting the ground soon, so hello pecan pies! Another one of my Fall favorites is chewy soft ginger snaps... totally drool-worthy...

 - getting more comfortable and confident with Rose. I have come a long way since moving Rose to the farm. I have never been a horse person, and have never had any proper horse handling training, but I started that on August 1st, and it has opened the door to lots of learning, confidence building, and fun with this big girl!

 - set daily goals - every day is a fresh start! Just because I may have let something fall to the wayside, doesn't mean it is the end of the world. I tend to put a LOT of pressure on myself - and most of the time, I am the only one that even cares so much about what I have stressed myself out about! What tha?!?!? So yes, daily goals to help me stay focused, but also the reminder that every day is a new day! No holding resentments for not getting something accomplished the day before...

 - have regular girlfriend 'dates'. Brunch, gardening, porch beers, etc. I have made a few new friends in the last few months, and have been making more of an effort to nurture the new ones as well as the old & golden ones! 

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