GF Greasy Spoon Eatin' On the Cheap...

This is kinda funny because I haven't really had time to get groceries in a few weeks... I have run to Fresh Market a few times this week when it was an emergency - coffee for instance, is an essential that I cannot go one single morning without. Tuesdays are $2.99 day for beef and chicken at FM, so I always go on Tuesdays to take advantage of this deal (I actually need to stock up next week because around this time last year, they stopped having this weekly special around the holidays).

I was in the mood for some greasy 'fast food' last night, but this year has been a real time of reevaluation of spending due to taking on extra animals at the farm and having to get some new wheels, so I decided to work with what I had at home to create something that would satisfy my unhealthy desire for a diner burger...

I poked through the cabinets, fridge, and freezer trying to get ideas.... Low and behold, there was a bag of Arby's curly fries in the freezer that I got from my dad's house when I was cleaning out his place (and yes, I brought home everything he had in the freezer and fridge and have been eating it)! He was always an Arby's man - Even his name was Richard Barton Thrasher, and when you break that down, he was R. B. Thrasher - Ha! R. B. = Arby... Boom! Anyways, back to the fries....I arranged them on a baking sheet and popped those bad boys in the oven. I had no buns, but DID have a loaf of GF bread in the freezer, a package of american cheese,  bottles of mustard, mayo, ketchup, and of course the $2.99 pound of ground chuck. 

The rest is history......

Ha! I even made the patties square shaped to fit on the bread better! 

Each complete meal cost me around $2 each - that's a burger w/ cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup AND fries. Whoop! I am guessing that the bag of fries was around $3, so IF I had bought the fries, it would have been around $2.75 - Of course had I used a regular bun instead of gluten free bread, that would have driven the cost down even more, but I used what I had! Get creative and recreate these kinds of meals at home! Totally worth the effort and I know my meat was better quality than what I would get at a fast food chain! 


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    1. Suzie!!! I am so excited for the Sanderella-Big-Top Sunday Service in December!!!! I have missed your energy!! Xoxoxox!