Turkeys!!! Reserve Yours For Thanksgiving NOW!!

In Dei Manus Farm will be offering locally grown and pasture raised turkeys. They will be ready for pickup around November 20th, fresh, unfrozen, and just in time for Thanksgiving. Their goal is to raise Bourbon Red turkeys in a way that is close to their natural habitat. They are raised outside as soon as they are mature enough to handle the elements. This gives them the opportunity to forage through a pasture just like they do in the wild. This gives them the chance to run, play, and scratch through the grass and leaves to find seeds and nice juicy bugs! We believe this produces a higher quality and better tasting bird. All of our turkeys are processed at a USDA and FDA approved facility. Reserve your turkey now, quantities are limited. Accepting deposits now. Contact Dan or Joy Browning at 706-742-8968 or email beavertribe81@yahoo.com !!

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