Milly - SHIRTLESS! Mushrooms GALORE!!!!

My sweet beautiful, Milly - yeah, she has crooked teeth, a bony hiney, a tale that doesn't work (it just hangs as opposed to standing up), and she baas like a trumpet - but this little girl has won my heart over again and again with her constant fight and refusal to let that awful meningeal worm (click here to learn about this nasty parasite) get the best of her!
Whoa!!!!!!! Check out Milly!!! After over a year of having to have bandages and shirts on, she is finally getting to the point of going shirtless for a bit each day! If you don't know much about why Milly has had to wear these, you can read about her story HERE.
The above photo is Milly's worst side - the bandages are actually covering new skin - not any lesions, but keeping the new skin covered until the fur grows back - NO LESIONS!!! I am so happy! The photo below is Milly's other side - completely healed!! Although her tail is still partially paralyzed, and she has bony hind legs, her energy isn't affected and she plays as rough as the others!
The mushrooms have taken over the fields after all the rain!! So many different shapes and sizes - so many little bug umbrellas!! 

Blue skies and goat wattles!!

Eli loves to smile for the camera!

Milly's appetite is healthy as can be!

The garden is about to get  some major work done by the goats.....

...the leaves are falling off the trees......

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