Tree Sap Makes .... Goat Lipstick? ;)

 This evening when I arrived in the field, I was greeted with the funniest sight....Milly, Misty, & Ellen all had what appeared to be dark lipstick on....Now, my goats are usually exceptionally clean - I'm not quite sure how they do it, but to see THIS was a rare surprise!!

 They were not the least bit ashamed of their lips either.... each one came up and showed off their new made up faces.... Milly even yawned at the fact that I was interested in this new look... She just happened to be the one who had the most 'lipstick' on too.....

 The 'lipstick' was in fact cedar tree sap. That poor tree barely had any bark left on it!

 Can you see the droplets of sap here?

 Ellen was second in line with the sapstick on her face........

 ....and Misty had the least amount. She is dainty and very ladylike in everything she does - she most likely wiped her mouth after devouring that trunk!

 Just so you can tell them apart in the pics - Misty has absolutely NO freckles on her nose:

 Milly has the most freckles:
 ...and Ellen only has a few freckles:

 Beautiful sunset & beautiful moon! Goodnight, all!

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