The Most Popular Goats In The Land........

Lately the days have been filled with nonstop goat fun. People have been coming out and wanting to learn about the routines for the little farm - which I am in my very first year of, so I am learning through my own experiences, but am happy to share everything! 
The babies and Ellie get locked in the barn every night and Eli and the sheep stay in the field. The chickens put themselves up around 8:30pm every night and all I have to do with them is close their mini door to the coop.
I enjoy telling people that I started all the plants from seeds and that so far, I haven't had to use any pesticides or chemicals on the plants.
My broccoli was started a bit too late in the year and is being destroyed by some pest, but I am just going to call it a day and plant something else there and let the hopes of having broccoli go....everyone who has been out says they have never been able to keep broccoli, so I don't feel too bad about that loss. Everything else is thriving and looks great! I just got a new camera and will be taking photos with it as soon as I learn how to use it (; - hopefully this evening I can at least snap some new pics of the garden. 
Misty and Milly have had the pleasure of being fed by different people every day lately and have really enjoyed the attention. Eli has learned that when he makes a funny face people laugh, and so he has been doing that quite often. Ellen is mastering the art of spin jumps off of the chicken coop ramp. Ellie has become more fascinated with the camera and seems to really enjoy the company of the children that have been visiting.
The hens outsmarted me and discovered they could fly over the fence into the garden.....I realized this and called in my "Animal Whisperer", Rebekah, and she was able to come out and do a little wing clipping for me to ensure they couldn't fly over and get into trouble....Thanks, girl!

 Misty happens to really get a kick out of playtime with the kids. She really shows out and gives all the children a run for their money when it comes to playing, running, and dancing....
The chickens have been enjoying the attention as well!
    Eli just can't get enough when it comes to petting and hugs....
All in all the days have been long but very rewarding. All the goats are so loving and enjoy having visitors and the sheep are warming up to the idea as well. The hens are laying great and the new cuckoo marans should start laying any day!! The new leghorn layed her first egg yesterday - yay! How do I know? Well, I had TWO white eggs - normally I only have one.....This evening will be a lesson on the new camera (which means better photos- yay!)  and more visitors out at the "acre".

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  1. What a beautiful life.
    We have a new doeling born here on the 24th, and two myotonic (TN fainter) kids coming mid July. I will come to your farm and visit via your blog!

    All of my best to your family,