It's Been Too Long!

So sorry I haven't updated you guys in a while but here's what has been happening on the acre:
Eli got "fixed" - it was really gross to watch, so Lauren watched and filled me in on the details afterwards when I was ready....Poor thing was in pain for days and just so irritable.
All the babies had their eight-week checkup and all is well. Ellie, Eli, Ellen, Misty, and Milly also got new shoes (hooves trimmed). Our vet, Dr. Mike Dzimianski is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a large animal vet.
The 'About An Acre' carpenters came out and built a goat hut/ climbing thing and did an amazing job. It is even nice for us humans for sneaking into the field as all the goats and sheep are grazing, to sit on top of and just observe.....
The garden is thriving and the strawberries are producing as well as the radishes and swiss chard. The cucumbers all have blooms as well as the squash and zuchinni and the potatoes are growing fast! The big storm that came through murdered all my green bean plants but one, and the snow peas are just not feeling like growing, so I am thinking it is time to try something new in its place.
The last week I have been clearing out the garden brush to make room for a table, fire pit, and chairs so that soon we can have garden brunches and such made all from our garden, eggs from the chickens, and whatever else we have managed to barter/trade...

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