Garden Is Growing, Hens Are Happy, & the Goats and Sheep Love This Weather!!

The last week, I have been a little too busy for words, but I always have the time to take pictures of the farm. I really enjoy getting up and out there just as the sun is coming up and all is still pretty quiet. Sometimes I even sneak into the field and just observe the sheep and Eli basking in the morning sun and enjoying the dew covered grass. The minute I call out to them though, it is playtime. They want snacks. They want hugs. They want to be photographed - well, Eli is a bit of a ham and the others could care less...the babies chase the chickens and the sheep chase the babies. It is the absolutely perfect way to begin every single day. The new French Black Copper Maran I got two weekends ago has begun to lay and her eggs are so DARK! They are the darkest I have had actually and so pretty I almost don't want to eat them! The Cuckoo Maran and the other Black Copper should start laying in a month or so. Life is good out here on the acre and last weekend I was able to get a steal of a deal on a little greenhouse from this awesome couple I wish I would have met earlier - they were getting rid of a ton of things because they were moving to Florida. I got a comfy reclining yard chair, the greenhouse, and some bright yellow ramps that I am going to use for a goat climbing hut. Misty and Milly have been down to only two bottles a day the last week and next week will only be on one bottle - half in the morning and half in the evening. They are the sweetest and most loving little things ever. Misty is the most needy and requires a lot of attention when I am out in the field with them. She grunts and makes sweet sounds and gives hug after hug.....These photos are from the last few mornings:

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