Stumbling across the perfect surprise!!

Jason and I were walking the property yesterday looking for a backup water source other than the creek (which will be the main source for the gardenspace), when we spotted a fencepost. A really nice one - the kind that usually belongs to an expensive chain link fence. We got closer and walked as close as we could get (the overgrowth was INSANE) to the fence line. It seemed strange that we could not find a gate.....we were almost done walking the entire perimeter and still didn't see a gate when we saw the most scary part of the overgrowth - a tree had fallen and wild bushes and weeds had completely taken over to the point that the gate was barely visible. This is gonna be fun....
The next day we decided to devote the whole day to clearing the gate so that we could get inside and see what the possibilities were for this space. I show up ready for work in jean shorts, cowboy boots, and a pink bandanna around my neck - last time I worked all day out in the sun I came home with a red neck! I drive as far as I can down to the space and get out my loppers and hedge-clippers. I walk the rest of the way down to the field. Jason is laughing at my fashionable get-up while dressed very practical for the occassion in a long sleeve heavy shirt, jeans, and boots. I realise that shorts probably were not the best option for what we are doing today - BUT IT IS IN THE 70s!!! We chopped. We loppered. We hedge-clipped. I got thorned, scraped, and chased by bees. I whined. I ran in circles thinking bugs were on me. Jason made fun of me. We worked really hard and were making great progress. The gate was almost visible. We decided to chain the fallen tree to Jason's truck and pull it out now that we could get to it. Success! One side of the gate was totally accessible!! A little more work and we can get inside the fence. 
We continue to chop, hack, saw, whine, etc. and WE. ARE. INSIDE!!!! Mission accomplished! Now onto the rest of the day....
We are excited about being able to use this fenced in area and decide to plan on moving the chickens, goats, and Brutus (the Great Pyrenees watch dog) to this area. It will be a lot of work, but so worth it to have them on the same "about an acre" as the gardenspace. 
Now about the garden....
We have also decided in the span of ONE DAY to change the location of the garden.....the perfect spot lies between the new animal area and a creek. PERFECT. We walk around the area and decide where the garden will go, what we have to do to get the land ready, etc. since the other space we were gonna use was already cleared out last year, we will have to put more work into our garden preparation this year. It is going to be beautiful! The creek here is amazing. The land is perfect. There is a couple of wooden fence posts with barbed wire that run parallel with the back of the new goat field and the proposed garden that will be perfect for growing vines - pole beans, peas, and squash. I am really excited to break ground at this new location!!! The soil is ready! My co-worker Jeannie, has offered to come help this weekend with the cleaning out of the land. With a lot of hard work and patience, I am certain we will be planting our crops within the next couple of weeks!

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