"There's a bull behind you, Sandi!!"

Saturday morning I got an early morning text from Jason informing me that I needed to try to get to the farm by 8:30am so that we could pick up a few new goats by 9. Apparently, a couple has had these goats for years and have been needing to move them out of this field, but wanted to make sure that they would go to a good home and not get eaten. We can take them for sure. We drive over to the farm with a small livestock trailer in tow so that we can bring these goats to their new home. Once we pull in to the field and take a look around, we are amazed at how beautiful these does are - they are all does and range in age from four to six years and appear to be dairy goats. These girls are sensing that something isn't quite right and decide to evade all attempts to capture them and lure them into the trailer. We end up leaving the trailer in the field with sweet feed inside in hopes they will warm up to it and eventually get inside for their sweet treats. 
Now back to the farm to move a calf from one field to another - you see Taco has a sister and she managed to escape months ago into a neighboring farmer's pasture. It's time to come on home! But wait - we just left our trailer at the goat farm.....what to do......what to do......hmmm.....well, let's just get to the field and figure it out. We head out to the pasture with a lariat, some feed, and no idea how this is going to work really. 
I feel like I am constantly reminding Jason that I am strong - that I can handle some of the "tough man" stuff. I mean I may run from bees and whine like a baby when I have to walk in thick brush with briers, but I am pretty tough if I do say so myself.....So, I am outside the truck walking alongside Jason who is driving and there are 20 giant cows following us. You see, Jason has tied a feed bin filled with feed to the back of the truck and we are luring all the cows so that we can catch this one baby calf. As I am walking Jason gets this wide-eyed look on his face and says, "There's a bull behind you, Sandi!", and then he proceeds to speed up the truck a little so I am terrified, running as fast as I can AND sweating bullets, never looking back to see this blood-thirsty bull just waiting to devour me. Then Jason bursts out laughing and says "Just kidding!" and explains to me that bulls are not just waiting out in the field for their next blood meal - a human girl named Sandi. Whew!!! I am relieved and mad. I have no idea about any of this stuff, so of course I am gonna run for dear life if I think a bull is behind me....anywho, we get the baby calf where we want her, Jason throws the lariat, gets a hoof in it and I yell,"I'm strong!!! What should I do??!?" - this has been my line for some time now, just to make sure Jason and whoever else is around knows I can handle this...He tells me to grab it around the neck, he takes the rope from the hoof and I put it around its neck. We get it to the ground, tie its feet together so that we can safely lift it on to the truck bed and we drive it about a mile to the About An Acre farm where she will be reunited with her sister, Taco! 

As we are walking away from Taco and Belle we see our livestock trailer pulling in - seems two of the five goats are here and they are unloaded into Lucky's field. Lucky seems happy to have some company out there and the goats seem real satisfied with all the overgrown land. What a day! 


  1. Great work, Sandi! looks like y'all are well under way. woo-hoo!

  2. Hahaha! I had no idea who you were until the "about me" section on you're profile...xoxo!