Chickens, Twisters, and Babydoll Sheep - Oh My!!

Last night Jason and I had made arrangements to pick up some chickens from a family that he sold chicks to last year. They had hatched out more than they could keep up with for egg production, so we were more than happy to add them to our farm. 
Something you may not know about me is that I am terrible when it comes to navigation. I have no clue where I am going half the time and Jason seems to be the same way. We get the address to this other farm and try to get there without using GPS. Ha! Good one. We ended up making a very large loop and ended up about half a mile from where we started.....after 30 minutes of driving. Jason has an iPhone so we use it to get us to our destination - so much for trying without it. We pull up and they have the most adorable sheep out in the field. 
I have never seen anything cuter!! They look like teddy bears. They FEEL like teddy bears. I am in love with these creatures!! I want one. Pictures will have to do for now. 
It looks like a storm is rolling in so we round up the chickens and put them on the truck. Big fat rain drops start falling and the wind picks up. I get a text from my brother telling me a tornado has been spotted in the area and to be careful. GREAT. We are a good 30 minutes form the farm. Poor chickens.....The rain is coming down so hard that we can barely see. The wind is shaking the truck and I am worried about the chickens. We finally make it to the farm, put the chickens in their new home. The chickens are wet but fine. Whew! Wet, stinky, and covered in mud, we decide to call it a day and I head back to my house.

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