Farm sitting? Did I really say YES?

After the blueberry and peach field trip, we divided up the goods and made wines, jams, and cobblers. I actually forced myself to try some of the fresh blueberries and think I can see myself enjoying them (I never have been much of a fruit eater). 

The following week I contacted Springlake farms to see if I could come back out and get another lesson on tending to goats and bunnies and chickens. The Hendersons said they would be glad to have me come back out and I went out a few times and did the rounds with them. They were thinking of taking a few days to go look at some other farms north of Georgia to possibly relocate. I volunteered to help out with the farm while they were gone. WHAT?!?!?!? Eeeeek! WHY did I just do that? Oh well, I tend to surprise myself when I just dive right into things head first, and I was almost certain Jason would be able to help me. I ask Ms. Henderson if she could compile a list of all the duties and it was only A FEW PAGES LONG. A little overwhelming at first but I went out and did a few trial runs while she watched and corrected me. I can handle this - ESPECIALLY if Jason comes along.

I was actually looking forward to this type of responsibility....until something came up and Jason couldn't accompany me. OMG! You see, the Hendersons have free range chickens that have to be put up every night so the raccoons, foxes, and opossums don't get to them. The bunnies also have to be put in their little house - they only have two, but those little things are fast and I think they just want you to chase them, honestly...

OK. Today is the big day. Time to prove to myself I do have it in me to do this and I don't want to let down the Hendersons. I am even surprised they trusted me with this - but hey, they believed in me!! Most of the chickens were ready to go in to their coops when the sun started setting. However there were a few stubborn chickens that made me catch them.....running after chickens and catching them is pretty hard and SCARY! Then on to the goats. I was losing daylight pretty quickly and I still needed to get the bunnies in their little house. It took a little longer than I thought to do the evening duties - BUT I DID IT!! ALL BY MYSELF! I was so proud! I never thought I would find myself in this position EVER. Sweaty, smelly, and dirty, I left feeling accomplished. I couldn't WAIT to call Jason and Ms. Henderson to let them know MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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