Time For More Blueberries....

So we have been invited back out to get some more peaches and blueberries from Emma and Harry. This time I dressed for the occasion - jeans, my cowboy boots, and a hat to shield the sun. I was ready. Even made bets with Jason about who could pick more berries. I messed up since the last visit and shared with him my technique. DANG! This time the peaches were slim pickins. And Jason told me a story of how there had been bear sightings in the area to throw me off my game a bit - it worked. I was totally paranoid. We ended up getting a good amount of blueberries and a decent amount of peaches. This time I was gonna attempt my first peach cobbler with my stash. We headed back to Jason's to collect tomatoes and okra and gather eggs - Jason even gave me some sausage from one of his pigs. Nice to go home with all this naturally grown food! Think I am gonna enjoy cooking up breakfast in the morning with this stuff! Can't wait for the next experience!!

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