Blueberries and Peaches...Oh My!

Jason had networked enough and set up our next field trip: A bartering deal where Jason traded a pig and in return he was able to have access to blueberry bushes and a peach orchard. The couple (Emma & Harry) that owned this farm were living a very sustainable life. They made their own soaps, detergents, and even liquor. I had never been picking blueberries before and chose a poor wardrobe of flip flops, shorts, and a tanktop. I was very successful though in my first attempt at blueberry picking and if this were a contest, I would have won. Seems this was a hidden talent I had no idea was in me! After gloating and bragging about how I was such a pro at this, it was now time to head to the overgrown area where the peach orchard was. 

We walked toward the orchard and I knew this was gonna be very interesting. The grass was waist high and there were anthills everywhere - not to mention the rotton peaches that had fallen and were covered in ants as well as bees......Just to remind you, I am wearing FLIP FLOPS. This is where I pretty much wussed out. I am tippy toe-ing and running from bees and whining about briars. At least I was the top blueberry picker. 

I managed to pick a few good peaches, but figured I would allow the others to redeem themselves for the lack of blueberries as I watched for the most part from afar while getting some cardio in running from bees. 

We left with blueberries, peaches, a recipe for homemade soap, and a newfound friendship. I was already looking forward to the next visit to this place as we were driving away.


  1. Hi Guys! This is awesome. I can't wait to hear about your adventures during 2011. Let me know if you want to head to the mountains!

  2. I am hoping we can make it up soon! Maybe when the snow melts up there...ha!