Springlake Farms

The next time we spoke, Jason talked about how he had met a lady who had milking goats. They had a place called Springlake Farms. He was interested in checking them out and asked if I wanted to come along. It sounded strange to me to want to have the milk of goats, but I really wanted to see some cute, furry, goats so I went. This place was AWESOME. They had goats, chickens running around everywhere (REAL free range!!), bunnies, and dogs. It was early in the day and time to milk the goats when we arrived. The farm owners(the Hendersons), offered me the chance to assist with the milking if I wanted.....hmmm.....milking goats.....so I did. It wasn't so bad at all, I was just scared I was going to hurt the goat. Squeezing goat teets is a very strange feeling. Jason had a turn as well and before you knew it we had milk! Ms. Henderson strained and filtered the milk and poured it into a glass mason jar and offered us a sip. I was hesitant to try, but didn't want to be a wimp so I did. Surprisingly it tasted pretty much like store-bought cows milk, although I had heard from many people that raw goat's milk was superior for good health. Jason took home the mason jar of milk.

A few days later we decided to talk about our next "field trip". I go to his house and he has this delicious looking chocolate cake on his table. Of course I ask if I can have a piece....and who can eat chocolate cake without a glass of cold milk? NOT ME. I ask for some milk and Jason proceeds to get the chilled mason jar of goat's milk from his fridge, poured me a little glass and it....was....AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS chilled and complimented my cake wonderfully.

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