Rise and SHINE!!!

Today was the first day I did all the morning duties by myself. Again, I thought Jason would be accompanying me,  but he couldn't. This however worked out well. I was able to carry my list from one chicken home to the next, letting all of them out and then gathering the eggs. The bunnies were let out and then it was time to take care of the goats. Now, milking a goat is pretty hard when you are new to the whole thing and even have help. I was nervous.

 I waited a minute and read my list making sure everything else had been done and just wanted to be sure the order in which to do the goats. OK. I got this. Go get the hay, feed them and get out the first goat to be milked. Got it. I was so nervous still and a bit slower at milking than the Hendersons, so before I was all the way finished, this girl was getting restless and antsy - time to let her go and feed the babies. The next one was a breeze and I was feeling good. Got my milking pail and went outside the gate to filter and pour into my mason jar. Everyone is done here for the day! Whew! Going home with a dozen fresh eggs and some fresh goat's milk! Once again I feel accomplished and very happy with myself.


  1. LOL! You were a "natural"! We really did appreciate your help. It's really hard to leave the farm and be confident that everyone will be taken care of but you were awesome! You didn't even mention Sonny and how you had to deal with a really "stinky" buck in rut! Well maybe that's another whole story. :)

  2. Ha! Good ol' Sonny! I wanna see that booger now that he has been fixed! And I just didn't know where to start with him....that really is a whole other story! I checked out your blog last night and your house is gorgeous!!! You are living the life! Keep the pics coming.