oh, jeez. I had planned on blogging about the productive week I had, but have found myself sucked into this series on Netflix called 'Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey'.... omg. 
I am about 4 episodes deep, and just wow...

..... here is the cliffsnotes version of my week that I am super proud of...

We had the farrier out, and she caught a small issue that I will need to tend to for the next week. 
I worked on a few plants in the yard that have been struggling to grow, and I want to badly for these plants to thrive! They have been barely hanging on for the last few years...
I cleaned out the barn - I am a real slob when it comes to evening feedings and don't really clean up as I go.
I talked for hours to an old friend on the phone <3.
I made plans to have another friend come visit very soon!!
I deep cleaned and organized the loft.
I knocked down a zillion Joro spider webs and cut grass.
Poptart and I had our lake time..
I walked a friend's dog while they were out of town.
I spent time today with my shelter project dog, Titus. 
....and tomorrow I am leaving early in the morning after walking the dogs, to pick up a friend and go on a little adventure! 
Here are some pics from the last week:

I have a pot of water on the stove for some coffee so I can pull myself off this couch and finish cutting grass....


saturday snapshots





slow morning here.....

 This week flew by! I launched my print site, procrastinated on mowing the acreage (and I don't feel one bit bad about it - ha!), took a shelter dog out to the lake yesterday with some gal pals, and tomorrow it is the beginning of a new week! Gah - it doesn't feel like I have been out of my daily office routine for almost 8 months!! I guess it is true that time flies when you are having fun!

 It is beautiful outside already and Poptart and I are getting ready to hit the lake... I'm sipping my coffee slowly, then have a few prints to pack up for delivery on our way back from the lake- yay for print sales already!!! -  then gonna walk my boy Reece (he is not a fan of the lake), and hop in the car and head east! 

I am getting into the swing of blogging regularly again and it feel oh-so-right! I may even do a double post today with the ol' 'saturday snapshots', a pic an hour style that I used to do weekly.... we shall see how drained I am after some fun in the sun with my girl. 

Here are some pics from yesterday's adventure with shelter dog, Bruno. If you'd like more info on him, check out my insta (he has a cute reel from yesterday there!) as I have posts there that have all his info and details on how to set up a meet with him at the shelter!

Have a great Saturday and I hope to be back this eve with a little peek into how our day was! 


want/ need/ hear/ see + photos from today

good evening lovelies. Sharing a small photo dump from the day before the wants & needs. It is quite late, and I am posting this from bed while Poptart is under the covers spooning my legs... <3. It was a balmy day here and I made good use of the ol' redneck riviera for some vitamin D therapy and a quiet afternoon with my Reece. I had a few chores I toyed with tackling, but decided to just chill and give myself a nice, well deserved break.... I let a friend borrow a few folding tables and clothing rack for a yardsale this weekend and her picking those things up resulted in an impromptu porch hang with some hard ciders and seltzers, before a nice thunderstorm rolled in - yayyy for rain! 

here is the queen hogging my spot just before I crawled into bed with my laptop to post this - ha! 


a hay barn. While it isn't really a necessity, it would make life easier sometimes... We are in the midst of a drought here in GA, and being able to store more than a few weeks worth would be amazing! I can and will likely get an area cleared and ready for a bit more hay storage soon, but if I woke up one day and some little elves happened to make me a hay barn overnight, I would be thrilled (yes, the elves and the shoemaker is one of my all time fave stories)!!


rain - and lots of it! 



We (Christian and I ) have been watching old movies and shows from our youth... Recently we rewatched 'Bottle Rocket' and I decided that I really didn't truly appreciate the evolution of Wes Anderson films. I wasn't really into 'The French Dispatch', but loved everything about the subtleties in the older stuff.... Anyway, If you haven't watched 'Bottle Rocket', or it's been a while, I am pretty sure it was streaming for free on HBO Max.