It’s early and we have almost made it through the first week of the new year. So much good has happened in 2024 already and if this is any indicator on how the rest of the year is going to go, I’m excited!

In the last post, I referenced how important the first day of the new year was in our family. How it helped set intention. You always wanted the first day of the new year to be a good example of how the rest of the year would go. The crazy thing about that is that I haven’t had to work on New Year’s Day in close to 30 years! I didn’t have to work NYD this year, but I chose to and I don’t know, but something about that feels so different and in the best way possible….  

Let’s recap how my first week has gone so far….

my first appointment on New Year’s Day were these smiling faces…

Quackaroni decided all of a sudden that she was going to start laying eggs!!! I have gotten one each day and it is absolutely baffling, so I am just enjoying this little bit of magic as long as it lasts! 

I actually made my very first batch of ‘sweet stuff’ this year - peanut butter cookies - with these magic eggs and delivered them to several folks which brought lots of smiles. I did this a lot back in 2014, and over the years I lost my passion for making sweet treats, but these eggs have me getting the baking bug again, so expect more of these treats popping up on the blog again!

We had friends in town… Paul is one of my oldest friends and although he lives across the country, the distance nor time affects our friendship and I am always happy to see him! 

I had the most delicious leftovers… a perk of Christian’s job….

I have had two waffle breakfasts at the farm with guests. Forgive me - I was so busy serving up waffles and then participating in eating them, that I did not take one single photo!
I did snap one photo of the goldenrod & cedar that I had for the table decor though! Isn’t this beautiful??

A shelter dog that I advocate for has a meet and greet with a potential adopter today! 
….annnnnd my gal pals and I announced our official business venture for this year! 
I already had the farrier out and although Buddy still makes me work so hard to catch him, getting the first visit out of the way so early in year is wonderful!

So much good already and it is only the beginning of the sixth day of this year!!!

Now on to the usual New Year resolutions… some people find resolutions annoying or petty, but I don’t operate that way. I like to make plans so that I can bathe in the gratification when I see them through. I like to solve problems and make shit happen. 

Now onto my goals for 2024…

•Snail mail. I want to get better at sending it. I’ve already gotten enough stamps to last me all year - ha!

•3-5 workout sessions a week. 

•Daily stretching

•Daily self care in some form. A long soak, a facial, a massage, paint my nails, fall asleep in the hammock, etc. YES. Daily.

•Pay attention to the good in the world. Tune out the negative.

•Bake more

•Dig out my real camera more often this year

That’s it for now! 


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