Winter Solstice

I’ll be back tomorrow to share a bit, but tonight I laugh and cry with my mama as we go through so many memories and photos in preparation of grandma’s funeral. 

Let your loved ones know ALWAYS that you love them… I’m so glad I chose the drive to see grandma over the lake the last two years… Poptart and grandma had a very special connection, and I will forever cherish the last few years full of visits and smiles and waaaaaay too many potato chip snacks grandma fed Poptart. The sense of peace I have around this loss is completely different than that of any loss ever, and I know it is because I reminded myself all the time how important and valuable those drives were. We take things for granted so easily. Our health. Our relationships. Our family. Our time here. We pretend that we know better, but the work involved to truly live in the moment is hard… 

Goodnight world…


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