11.11, gratitude day 11

 It’s Saturday! It’s been cold and rained here, but I really don’t mind this kind of weather once I’m out in it. I actually love it when I’m in it, but getting motivated to get out of the warm cozy house is sooooo hard. 

We’ve had a fire going all day and after a little hike with some friends and dogs this morning, I decided to get some good photos of the fallen leaves before they turn brown…. I snapped this photo…

…and when I logged on my computer to blog just now, I had a Facebook memory pop up and I posted this photo on 11/11/2012 - ELEVEN YEARS AGO (whoa.). Cool huh? I feel like I look pretty much the same, but maybe a little slimmer and a little cooler with that printed hoodie ;)

Anyway, here’s some more peeks into the day…

It’s also two of my besties’ birthdays! Yes!! TWO! I am so grateful or the friendship of these two most amazing souls for over half my life…. 

Wish these gals all the best:

I’m about to eat the last of some pecan pie and get lost in something on tv. I’m finally synched up with the time change and all the animals are fed and put up and the dogs have been walked! I’m on fire and in the style of Ric Flair, “Woooo!”!!

Stay warm, lovelies!



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