It’s almost November...

Happy Monday! It’s been far too quiet here for far too long! So much has happened and still happening (lots of home renovations currently in progress!) Lots of personal growth and lots to be thankful for! 

Two years ago today I started my journey into a new kind of liberation. I went to work dressed a taco and after leaving that day I never went back. Bahahaha! Although my friends in real life know a lot of the journey I traveled as I discussed it pretty openly at the time, I’m not at liberty to taco ‘bout it anymore. IYKYK.  ;)

Fast forward two years and I have found genuine peace and lots of gratitude. The last six months have been almost like I stepped into a brand new life. I was able to let go of so much resentment, and move forward in a new way. It’s by no means been easy, but rather that kind of excitement/anxiety that you have when you just graduated high school or bought your first car or kissed your soul mate for the first time. You know the feelings are so huge, and you don’t quite know how to navigate, but you know it will be fun. 

In the last two years, I made a commitment to myself to honor my value and see the best in people. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took chances I normally wouldn’t have previously. I have loved every minute of the hustle to make a living doing all the things I actually enjoy, and am so thankful that Christian has been financially supportive of my unwillingness to settle for anything less than what I feel I deserve. I have paid the feed bills by pet-sitting, selling my art & vintage clothing, photographing a few weddings, and even working part time at a plant nursery where I worked outside every day (and got lots of free plants (!!!) and actually developed a green thumb - talk about therapeutic)… Now through the end of January I am totally booked petsitting and haven’t had the time for the nursery work since early August (I’m hoping to squeeze in a few hours in the spring for my own selfish reasons) , but I’ve also penciled in regular work hours at my shop for the upcoming holiday markets. 

I am going to expand on all the changes at the farm and our little farmhouse (as well as our months long hotel stay) in the coming days, but just wanted to come back with a short hello and some photos of what Autumn is looking like right now at the farm….

November is for recognizing all we are thankful for, and that’s what I aim to do this month! I feel like November is for transitions and embracing those changes and it’s actually this November, 10 years ago that the blog transitioned from ‘About An Acre’ to FFF! So happy 1st decade, Frugal Fashionable Farmer! 

Among all the catch-up posts, I also have an Autumn mixtape I’m working on and hope to post this week as well! 

I’ve missed being here, but due to several factors (I cannot discuss) and then the hotel living/home renovations, it just wasn’t ideal to be here if I couldn’t really be truthful about all the current events on our little farm and in my life. 

Here’s to new beginnings and a new decade here on the blog! 



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