Time for a little roundup!

 Coupla updates…
Black Betty has been renamed Black Pearl 😂
She is also getting quite a bit of work done. New starter, flywheel, clutch, brake lines, hoses here and there (thanks NAPA!) new (bigger 😮) tires, new wheels, and a little cosmetic stuff on the interior - new dash, door panels, upholstery, and possibly even a stereo 🤯. Im leaving the black paint and rust as it is, but I’m definitely going to put a little Sandice touch on the interior… I’m not going to know how to act in 2024 when she’s back in commission. 
Chase and King are really living the best life ❤️. Chase had his eye surgery and is healing up nicely. King was hesitant to be too needy in his new home with his son, and kept to himself in the beginning but is now learning his human family truly love and value him as a companion.
I’m realizing I overbooked myself this month and haven’t had a day off since August 30 😳, but I have made every single appointment and the all the dogs on my books currently are the best and make it easy 🐾❤️. Looking forward to Sept 13, which kicks off an 8 day weekend 🙌🏼!
There are loads of other happenings ‘round here that I’m just not going to get into until November when the weather cools, everything goes dormant, and I have the time to write about it all. I have acquired some new tools for my printmaking and I just reserved my spot at the Indie South Holiday Hooray again this year, so get ready for that in December! It’s my 8th year participating! 
I hope you all are having a lovely Friday and I’ll be back here soon with all the deets on what’s been happening round here soon enough! 

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