July so far…

Hello frands! I hope you all had a lovely Independence Day/ Week. I did for the most part. We survived the fireworks, wild storms, super hot temps, and torrential downpours. 

I have been forced to take a break once again from mowing because it is either raining or the ground is too saturated ….. which means that by the time the grass does dry out, I will have my work cut out for me. I think this eve might offer an opportunity to put a dent in it…

I swear, the last few weeks got the best of me. I attempted to blog each day, and before I could finish, something would grab me away. Last week was one for the books, that’s for sure.

This weekend I aim to not only catch up here, but also get in a nap each day (yes, penciling it in starting tomorrow and putting the ol’ ‘dnd’ to good use on my phone). 

As most of you already know via my social platforms, Bella went to her forever home last Friday! 

That whole process was extremely time consuming (I’d been actively working on it for 6 weeks) and then the day before she was set to leave, we had a six-hour emergency vet visit.

At 6:30pm that day, she was released for travel from the vet with no serious issues. It was concluded that she got overheated (she was running almost an entire hour at the park), and the air quality was horrible due to the heat and humidity. 

While I was dealing with all that, one of my little ducks passed. Cheese had come to me in not the best shape, and I had no idea how old she was, but she seemed to be improving the last few weeks. It appeared she just died suddenly. So digging a hole on one of the hottest summer days was added to my already full day. 

I am pleased to report that I’ve been in touch with Bella’s adopter all week and Bella is proving to be the perfect little girl I had hoped someone would see she was. She got through the loud fireworks and is settling rather quickly considering her hectic last few months and long journey.

This week has been almost equally hectic, but with July being one of the busiest for travel, I am (gratefully) swamped with pet-sitting and if you follow me on social media, you know I picked up a stray pup July 4 who is in foster with other dogs and doing amazing. Hopefully after the legal stray hold by the county she will find her forever home. 

Today is the last of my super busy days this week - woo hoo! I am driving a friend to the airport in Atlanta in between pet-sitting jobs, and may get sidetracked by a little IKEA and/or thrift shops if time allows ;) - Christian is home so able to keep an eye on the crew.

It’s early, I’m having my coffee and snuggling with Poptart and planning my morning before walking the pups and starting the day. 

Oh, and one last thing- my sweet little Cluck Norris is in our ICU (laundry room) due to a very sudden decline in using his only good leg. I am starting him on colloidal silver and have ordered a chicken sling to elevate him and keep him off his one good leg in hopes that some rest and epsom salt soaks may help. Please send all the prayers and get well vibes. His exposed keel bone was almost completely healed after a very lengthy treatment regimen so I’m pretty bummed that now we have another serious setback. 

He’d just started making friends with Quackaroni, and I was planning on integrating with the ducks soon since it was going so well.  

I’ll hopefully have a positive update on Cluck tomorrow after we get his little hammock/sling. 

Have a lovely day!



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