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 First off I would just love to take a minute to express my gratitude for all the folks who have supported me in all the things I do to support this farm, my animals, and my dreams! My favorite time to work is super early, and most of the animals I’m sitting need to be let out at this time. 

I’ve fed Cluck Norris his daily meds and fed him his special calorie packed breakfast and he sat out on the porch for a bit in his physical therapy hammock, then I let him sit in the yard for a bit before I let the mean girls out, and now he’s resting in the chicken ICU (laundry room). I’ve already packaged and mailed out all the shirt orders that came in, prewashed all Cluck’s washable pee pads (yeah, I’m that environmentally aware person, tee hee), had one pet visit, walked my own crew, showered, and now sitting for the first time today for this much needed blogging! 

I have had so much going on the last year or so, but have never been more fulfilled in the work I am doing. I had that big time-consuming ‘project’ in 2022, but that eventually paid off (thanks to my hard-headedness, determination, and a few other factors) and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. I literally am making a living by loving animals, thrifting, and exploring my creative side! I never really could grasp the whole ‘living with intention’ concept until recently, and I still have plenty of time to volunteer with shelter animals and maintain the farm - although at the moment, the mowing has been put off for so long because of rain that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with tackling it….

This last week was my busiest week to date and I’ve loved every minute of it. Although I technically haven’t had a day off since last month and I am already scheduling things out through September, the creatures I encounter when ‘working’ are thrilled to see me and the time spent is easy peasy and so natural for me. The majority of the people that hire me have either reactive dogs that wouldn’t do well in a boarding type situation, or they are bigger bully breeds that need more structure and experience and luckily I am confident with and adore those types. 

I end with a few snapshots from the last 24 hours:

Cluck’s fancy new little medical wrap:

A few happy faces that absolutely appreciate my visit! This work is far from thankless, that’s for certain!
Poptart modeling the new fundraiser tee (if you’d like to purchase one, the link to do so is HERE. 
Just one of many dog walking paths…
My boy gets to go on so many car rides these days. Yesterday we went to the post office and to see his second favorite person in the whole world: his trainer!
The sunset yesterday was magnificent!!!
Just a few of the orders that went out this morning before our little hometown PO closed….
I had to actually clean up and model a short as well. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! 
On the way to Reece’s trainer we passed a cemetery in the middle of a corn field. You know I had to stop and check it out :)
One more sunset photo… so dreamy, right? 
Annnnd then here we have Mr. Cluck Norris in his homemade PT sling. I made it in a pinch out of a dish towel and some bungee cords. Yeah, call me MacGyver, it’s cool.  

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday and I plan on being back here tomorrow as well! 



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