Omg. Baby skunks!

I have watched each year as the skunks have families and mama takes the babies out one by one teaching them to forage for food while leaving the rest of the litter behind in a safe space. I have several cameras set out on the property to catch and spy on all the wild things that come out at night, but never have I ever come across a baby skunk without any siblings or mama close by until yesterday! 

I’ve also never ever gotten too close just because I don’t want to startle anything or get sprayed. Yesterday however, Christian spotted a lone baby while walking Poptart, and when I went out to look for it, and make sure it was ok, it walked right up to my shoe. In my mind I would like to think it was saying “hey - can you help me? I am lost”….

I watched it walk around for several minutes in a Disney sort of awe while hoping to see other babies or mama come around, but it was indeed all alone. I put this little babe in a box to contain it so I could walk around looking for mama or siblings and not lose this possible orphan in the event that no family could be found. I have a good friend ( I actually met her almost exactly eight years ago because of other orphaned wildlife babies) who is a licensed wildlife rehabber. I knew she’d recently taken in a lone orphaned skunk, so thought she’d be perfect to take in another orphan! 

I dropped everything I had planned and drive the baby to her STAT. It was a quick drop off because it was very close to dusk and I had to get back home to tend to all my own critters. 

After I’d fed everyone and was taking Reece on his last walk before bed, my flashlight hit a set of glowing eyes. And another tiny lone skunk. Again no mama around… I scooped it up and reached out to my friend who instructed me to get some hydration in this one. Then this morning I dropped it off with his sister. 

I also got to hold the baby from yesterday and she slept in my palm while I got a little peek at the other the wildlife rescue residents. 

Omg - their little feet are so soft! 

If you ever find multiple baby skunks, likely mama is nearby taking one at a time out to learn to forage and eat on their own. If you are worried, just sit back for an hour or two and wait and I’m sure you’ll see mama come back for them. I knew these babies were in trouble simply because each year I’ve watched several litters of kits stay with mama skunk until they are much bigger. Sadly I speculate that mama got hit by a car or was killed by something and these babies were left in a den and when mama never returned for a few days, they ventured out needing food and water. 

Never handle baby animals if possible. I scooped both these babies up with a box and a trashcan. When I needed to move the one from today, I used a gloved hand, and only held the one from yesterday while it was sleeping and under supervision by the licensed rehabber. I never ever take handling wildlife lightly. One little mishap and your good efforts could endanger the life of the one you are trying to help. 

In other news, the high today was 77 degrees and it is JUNE! This weather is so glorious and unheard of and such a wonderful surprise to this life-long Georgia gal. I cut grass this afternoon and just got out of an epsom salt bath before the evening ritual of collecting the special needs ducks and putting them up for the night, feeding the  senior goats and horses their snacks laced with supplements for their ol’ joints, and then hanging out with Cluck Norris in the hammock before putting him to bed and then walking the pups. 

So far my summer has been filled with lots of baby wildlife and although I had to bury a newborn fawn and some baby bunnies last week due to the reality and fragility of nature, being able to help these skunks has been such a gift. 

I hope your evening is swell! 



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