Happy June, all you lovelies! I hope y’all are having a great week so far…. I have been so inspired by all things lately. 

I purposely took a hiatus from posting here for a bit to focus on lots of things I was starting to feel like I was taking for granted or I had simply neglected ……. My sweet little slice, some self-care, and my own relationship. Relationships get a little sticky when you forget despite the longevity, you need to make time to touch base, check in, and connect regularly. Christian and I have been together almost 24 years. That’s over half my life…  It’s easy when you are with someone for so long to become complacent and forget that you still need to put the work in, so we’ve been working on things after a little difficult spell. It’s hard to even know how to navigate or have constructive conversations with friends on this matter when the majority of relationships these days don’t even last that long. I’ve got one friend my age  who has been with her husband longer than Christian and I have been together, but aside from that I am just wingin’ it. I guess that’s the beauty of life - and love. Stick with it long enough and you’ll eventually figure it out. Or ya won’t. Either way if you don’t figure out, it will be figured out and if you don’t put in the effort, you might not be happy with the outcome. 

Now on to farm happenings… I think when I was here last, I had just rescued Quack Nicholson from the local shelter. He was thought to be injured at the time, but turns out he has a degenerative bone disease with is quite common in Pekin ducks. He was starting to grow depressed from a lack of his own kind to chat with so I looked high and low for some suitable companions for him and found two disabled females with the same disability as him and now all three are living their best little lives out here. 

Cluck Norris is holding steady and although we had a setback when he jump/flew out of my arms last month, he is back to his old self. He sleeps in the shop each night with Reece and they seem to enjoy each others company. Who’d have ever thought those two would hit it off?

Ellie and Ellen are doing swell despite them both being elderly ladies. They both are easy keepers as long as they get snacks in the evening and an empty pool for daytime naps. 

Everything is growing like wildfire and staying on top of the grass has been a challenge. Of course if you let grass get too tall this time of year, you risk mowing over baby bunnies, and in the goats’ paddock I spotted a nest I uncovered with my mower and luckily none were injured (because I always go over the first time with my deck at the highest level). I checked everyone out and positioned a wireless camera to make sure mama came back despite my jostling of their nest. She did and I was so happy to see the brief visit from mama bun but the next day, Ellie (the blind goat) stepped on the nest accidentally and while one died instantly, one succumbed to its injuries in my hands. It appeared to be brain dead, breathing slightly with some internal injuries and head swelling. I cradled it, hoping for the best, but ended up burying them both in the forest together and then covered the nest with a lawn chair to prevent that from happening again…. You can see in the photo how large the head was on the one. :(

Just a few days later while pet-sitting some dogs that have the most beautiful acreage to run free on, one of them brought me a brand new baby fawn. It was alive and breathing and had no external wounds and was moving its whole body so I was hoping it could be saved. I have zero cell service at this place, so I held baby fawn and bawled my eyes out telling her I was so sorry this was happening while feeling completely gut-wrenched that mama deer saw her baby being stolen. Animal instincts are just that. Instinctual, and I couldn’t feel any way about the dog that brought me this brand new baby, but man that was hard. I thought initially the baby might have a chance if I could get her to a rehabber, but within minutes she died in my arms. I brought her to the farm and gave her a nice sendoff, laying her on a bed of green leaves in a shallow grave and surrounding her with Queen Anne’s Lace…

I can only hope in those last minutes of life, the little one knew I was trying to help….

I’ve started completely redoing the big horse pasture with field fence because Rose keeps risking getting zapped by the electric rope to go munch on grass on the other side of the fence. I’m hoping by July that will be finished…

I’ve been working on my green thumb alllllllll fall, winter, and spring, and it has paid off !! I have plants galore that are thriving for the first time in my life! So many flowers on the cusp of blooming, so I can’t wait to report back when they do. 

Anyway, I’m excited to begin this new month and start this new more attentive journey in my relationship with Christian. We’ve come a long way since the young early 20s kids we were when we met. 

I am off to go sit some sweet pups and cats and then swing by my mom’s for a nice home cooked meal that I will never ever pass up! I hope you all have a lovely evening - it is unseasonably mild, in the 70s and breezing’ here in Georgia. I can’t ever remember it being this amazing in June here. I mean ever. Oh! But on that note, I am also in the midst of setting up our little saltwater ‘redneck riviera’ pool for the summer, so I’ll be ready for those Georgia scorchers that are inevitably around the bend. 



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