Yeah….this happened.

It’s late. I have a foster goat in my care, and I am sleepy....
I had lots planned for today, but ended up getting a call from animal control about a pregnant goat and a rooster they’d had surrendered….  I was in between projects at the time and let them know I’d be there in just a few minutes. My goal was to get photos and video to share on social media in hopes they’d get rescued or adopted quickly. When I got there, I met the roo first. He was quiet, skinny looking, but it could be his breed. I really don’t know much about roosters at all. Then I met the goat. She was tiny compared to my goats, and sweet as pie! I made an impulse decision without consulting with Christian and advised the shelter that I’d like to bring her to the farm to see if my goats would be cool with a foster sister until placement was found. They allowed me to bring her home, so I picked her up, put her in my backseat, and drove her to our place. To be totally honest, I’ve never had a goat in my car! Surprising right?? Well, once we got home, she perked up immediately and started browsing and eating grass right away. I posted her and the roo on social media, while also fantasizing about the idea of having her and little baby goats bouncing around the place. I also was wondering how on earth was I gonna tell Christian …. then I’d think ‘well, if no one wants her, then I guess the universe is telling me I need her and some babies’ bahahahaha! Then I started getting messages about the goat. She was super cute and had the cutest markings on her legs, so I knew it wouldn’t take long. She was so sweet and had come from a sad situation, so deserved the best going forward. Then I got the news that her adoption was pending and she’d be picked up tomorrow morning around 10am! Yes! I was relieved I didn’t have to figure my way out of this pickle, and now it was gonna be so easy explaining to Christian we were fostering a goat for one night. Whew! Here are a few photos I snapped this eve.

Well, I am off to bed and I will update tomorrow after this cutie leaves our place for her new family. 


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