want/ need/ hear/see

I want one of these Flying V guitar cheese shredders. Seems they are out of stock everywhere. I guess I was snoozin’ when these were all the rage and missed out on my chance to get one… boo.

I need to set my gym back up in the shop. Over the holidays I moved all my workout stuff to accommodate all my holiday market stuff- the tent, bins with inventory, tables, shelving, etc. - and even set up my sanding station for my printwork. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed not being able to work out, but sadly my body needs to get back to it. Yesterday I tried on a pair of shorts I wore last summer and they were too tight to wear….. I’m hoping to get that all sorted out this week and be able to fit back into my shorts again by summer.


I came across this song after not hearing it since the days I used to pal around with my dad in his old Plymouth....the timing was perfect for hearing it, so it is this week's 'hear'.... enjoy.

Deerskin. Such fun and beautifully shot.
Quentin Dupieux is truly a great director and if you are up for reading subtitles, I suggest any of his films. We have watched most of his stuff and enjoyed it all.

Happy Monday, folks! 

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