Ooops I did it again…

 I am fostering yet another farm animal that wound up at the local pound after being removed from a hoarding situation. This rooster came in with the goat I fostered a few weeks ago. 

Meet Cluck Norris. Our vet has all these farm scene murals on the walls and we were moved into two different examining rooms, so I fully took advantage of photo ops..

Cluck has a variety of ailments and I am hoping in a few weeks he has a better outlook because he deserves to decent life after what he’s been through. 

He is an excellent car rider and although I had a carrier for him, I decided to let him get the full experience of a car ride, sights and all…

Waylon is not sure how he feels about another Roo out here, but he’s been trying to make friends….

Happy Wednesday, lovelies. 


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