Frugal Fashionable Friday!

 Omg. This dress is not vintage, nor is it very practical for lots of wear, but damnit it is GORGEOUS and it is thrifted. $9.88 for this magical-floral-flowy-swirly princess-y feeling dress. 

The hat was thrifted as well - a whopping $3.99.

…the dress was so long I had to dig out my owned wooden platforms, not thrifted but well worth the money I spent on them many, many years ago…
…I mean THESE SLEEVES!!! How could I not get this dress?? I’m sure I’ll have an occasion to wear it one day, and if I have to, I’ll make an occasion… 

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m rotating roosters and keeping everyone safe here at the lovely farm of misfit rescues! 

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