... a new chapter ...

     First off, I started this blog approximately 12 years ago to document my journey into learning about sustainable food growing, while also working a full time job. I had a completely different idea of how things would go, and back in 2010 I was even under the impression I could raise and humanely process my own animal products. Wow, was I completely unaware and ignorant in my capabilities.
You’d think as an animal lover, I’d have some sense of the scope of what this kind of life entails…..
I even signed up for a class that would teach me how to process my chickens. Seriously...why????? 
The week before, I knew I couldn’t.
I even had high quality dairy goats that I saved from an uncertain life in South Carolina, to a life where I at least knew they’d be cared for. I planned on having milk from these goats, making cheese, butter, etc…. Until I realized that meant little baby goats would either need to be kept or given away/sold to someone who’d treat them well.
Realizing that I didn’t want to end up a ‘crazy goat lady’ with waaaay too many goats, and knowing I could not control the future of these babies if they were not in my care, I scratched that idea and got my only male neutered, and this farm turned more into a haven within a matter of a year.
So from 2010-2021, I learned things on my own - grew various gardens - even sold produce to a local diner, foraged various nuts, flowers, and berries from this property, collected eggs from my hens, and other than the eggs have not produced a single other animal product for consumption. I also took in a few horses, all rescues….
Huge differences between what intentions I started this with, verses what it ended up becoming.
That being said, I’ve enjoyed sharing all the things that I did in my day to day here on the blog - sometimes even sharing hour by hour looks into my days. 
I decided to take the time to reevaluate life here on the farm, exploring options, learn a few new things - like how to be better at caring for non-edible plants, even have started learning Spanish, and making a few changes in what I’m sharing here in hopes for others to continue benefit…
For starters, I am getting back into my love of vintage fashion, thrifting, and sewing. The Etsy shop now has the opportunity it’s never had before, of being a priority after an entire life of living in the backseat.
I also got a new toy this year that will be a game-changer for my gardening ventures! I just got it and need to research a bit on how to use it, but hopefully I can share more in regards to that either this fall or next spring! Me and my brother played briefly with it and realized it’s more of a piece of heavy machinery than a toy…
I’ve amped up my Fox & the Forest skincare line to be a year round focus, rather than mostly just a holiday thing.
I also have the free time to schedule in and devote time to my local municipal shelter dogs, and have started bringing shelter dogs here to the farm for breaks from the shelter! So far these three dogs have benefitted greatly from these outings and first two have found their forever homes!
Poptart and I try to enjoy lake days more often than we could last year, and due to the amount of time I spend in my shop nowadays, Reece gets a ton more hang time with me. He has even made a human and doggie friend who we have met up and walked with a few times now, and continues to grow in positive ways that I honestly didn’t think were still possible after all this time.
With all that being said, I’m back. Things will feel a little different around here because they are, and am excited to share on this platform once again! Get ready for the regular segments, some Sunday Sweets, and various other fun things.
I leave you with some photos from today's glorious rain - puddles! dark clouds! and oh-such-GREEN!!!

so...that's it! It will take me a little bit to get in the swing of this new chapter, but I am looking forward to sharing much like I used to!

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