feeling alive around here with the coming of spring!

We are lush and technicolor green over here and its been absolutely perfect for having quite visitors, and let me just say that Poptart has loved every second of it all…. She’s gotten maximum belly rubs GALORE!

I’ve been getting back to my love of thrifting (the ‘frugal fashionable friday’ segment may start back up next week!!) and have also been continuing to learn about plants and why some things aren’t thriving where I’ve tried my very best to have a green thumb… boooo!

Turns out, all these pecan trees we have on the front lawn, poison the soil with a naturally occurring herbicide when the leaves fall, and they break down into the earth. In a way I’m relieved to know there is a reason besides my lack of natural green thumb, but also now I want to try to find some evergreen flowering shrubs that won’t be affected like my gardenias have been. Anyone have experience with this? So the next few days, I will likely be uprooting my poor little plants that have been struggling for the last year, and moving them somewhere they can actually thrive …. 

Rose and Buddy are doing super and I’ve been letting them keep most of the acreage up with their grazing. Last night when I was walking Reece down the dirt road, seeing the horses in the front yard, for a moment it was just a bit surreal… I never imagined ever that I’d have this cute little 30’x30’ simple little old farmhouse with horses grazing the front lawn. It’s quite the site, and it’s been really fun to share this with visitors lately. 

We aren’t usually much for entertaining, but with Hazel’s passing, and also the same week, the sudden death of Christian’s trusty ol’ Saturn, we had folks coming out of the woodwork offering help and bringing gifts, flowers, and reminding us how amazingly beautiful our friends are…. 

Christian’s vehicle was quickly replaced by a super nice Honda Pilot, and all is back to a normal flow around here after sharing a vehicle for a week….

I’ve been working really hard on my new web-based storefront for selling my farm prints, and have gotten tons of pre-orders already! The site officially launches June 1st, but here is a little preview of what’s to come! 

I’m excited to be able to share my little slice with so many in the form of really pretty affordable wall art! 

Each piece ranges from $30-$35, and free shipping or local pickup are offered as a means to receive them! I’m also currently working on the very first ‘Doo-Dah’ at Neat Pieces since covid hit and forced us to shut them down in the spring of 2020, so if I can get that going, I’ll have several pieces for sale there as well!

I was immersed with lots of soul fueling on earth day yesterday which started with checking a shelter dog out of the loud shelter for some quiet time at the farm, then ended with another fire…. As much as I hate the aftermath of big storms around here, picking up all those limbs and sticks actually does result in some pretty therapeutic release when you start those flames…. Last nights fire was a solo affair, but this year I am going to have more of the the s’mores, fancy cheeses, cava, hard seltzers, and good company, because it is oh-so-good for the soul… 

This morning I’m off to the fabric store for some supplies needed for a few thrifted pieces that I am mending and embellishing, then heading to a studio sale of a local lady who screenprints the most beautiful fabric!  

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! ❤️



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