frugal fashionable friday! worn 3/52

Elllo, my lovelies! 

One of the many things I have jumped back into a lot more recently is thrifting! 
This dress isn't vintage, but it is unique, and ohhhhh, what a steal at $6 (thank you Americas Thrift Store)!!
It's like a collage of eight different dresses into one, and you all know I love my color, so this is perfect! 
Paired together with a thrifted blue trench, some black tights, and a pair of old boots and I am set! 

I am off to do a little grocery shopping and hopefully nail down a sweet treat that I have been craving for quite some time... I have been in the mood for peanut butter cookies for months but just haven't gotten around to making them this year yet.... Sunday may be the very first 'sunday sweet stuff' post of the year here on the blaaaaahhhhhhg! 

Happy Friday, y'all! 



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