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I want to be patient about bathing suit weather because I know we need (and I normally love) all the seasons, but..... I am ready for some sunbathing and vitamin D in my life! Don't worry - I don't allow myself to get too much, but I am deeply missing the warmth of getting sunkissed! 


I need to get motivated to do all of my annual cutting/ pruning/ land management in the next two months before Spring hits the farm.... My knee is exponentially better this morning - no stiffness, and I have been maintaining my morning walks on the firefly trail, so another few weeks and I am sure I will be ready for the labor work that awaits me.... and the evening fires that burn....



Last night we watched the Apocalypse Now Redux, which I had not seen this edit at all nor watched this film in 25 years at least. Just wow. This cut has 49 minuted of additional footage over the original release, and even coming in at well over three hours, none of it disappointed. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't already - I am not quite sure how we managed to wait so long....

Anyway, I have walked both pups, walked the trail, and planned out my week - all the Monday morning staples! I hope to be back at least by Wednesday for another midweek mixtape! 

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