....baby, it's cold outside (the last 24 hours in pics)....

It. Is. COLD! The wind is currently whipping about the farm, around the house, and all the trees are bending, but standing firm. The last 24 hours were spent getting things in order just in case it does get bad out here and we lose power....

the doggies have both had their morning poop walks (woo-hoo!!!) and are all cuddled up and staying warm, horses are all set with plenty of hay to fuel their internal heaters, and the chickens are all loose and taking cover in one of the outbuildings on the grounds, and the goats are just watching the weather happen while cozied up on nice fresh fluffy edible rye beds. 

oh, and when I was making sure to pick up anything off the porch tables that might fly away in a windstorm, I found $20!!!! it had been there for a long time, and I have no idea if I left it for someone, or if someone left it for me! Score! 
troughs all got cleaned and refilled even if they didn't need it just in case we lose power.... 
.....and we wait..... 
....still no snow, but I am happy and optimistic and delivering hay regularly to my crew so everyone stays happy. 
.... no need to buy eggs! My girls make sure we are covered! 
My sweet sleepy meanie. He got me good the other day.... I have been seeing him really snooze hard, and he has gotten more mellow in his old age, so my guard was down and he got me as I was feeding everyone... Lesson learned. He is still the ol' butthead he's always been. 
So, we will wait it out and hope for some snow.... and if we don't get any, thats cool too! Christian is off today, the house is clean, all laundry and dishes done, and if we don't lose power, I imagine we will just veg out all day under cozy blankets and eat good food and watch movies....

stay warm and cuddle your animals! 


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