A fancy barn. I literally googled "fancy barn" and this popped up. Yeah..... I would never come inside the house if I had a barn like this... Here in Georgia, you can have goats, horses, cattle - you name it - and if you have enough land, you likely will never need an actual barn. Barns in the south are more for hay storage, and not animal housing, BUT I'd still love to have one. I can picture it now, a rainy day, the sound of the rain tapping the tin roof, and me resting on a hay bale while the animals snooze away. Until I win the lotto, or find some buried loot out here, I will settle for what I have which is a couple of really great functional run-ins and sheds, but a girl can dream, eh? 

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I just discovered this artist and I truly do need some of her work in my home. I am sharing some of my favorites from her collection and to feed your need for her art, click on any of the images to be taken to her Etsy shop! If you haven't already discovered Alexandra Dvornikova, please take a peek at her stuff. It is quite beautiful, dark, magical, and oh-so-pretty! 



the dead don't die
We watched this Sunday and it was so fun!!! We are pretty big fans of Jim Jarmusch, and this was really great! I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but it has some fun little surprises stuck in there. 

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