around here......

here are a few pics from today.... 
 Forgiveness is good.
Running free across a field is good for anyone's soul.

The world is perfect. Appreciate the details.

Get intimate with the land. Walk barefoot. 
Admire all the pretty weeds. 

Rise before the sun sometimes.... 
Fresh air is one of the best forms of self care.
After gully washers like we've had the last few days, squish the mud between your toes. 
Pee in the woods. 
Run through the pines.

After work today, I spent hours in the rain. I put up the temp fence on the backside of the property to give the goats some new area to browse. Then I stood with Rose in the pouring rain because she's a weird one and doesn't run for shelter in downpours. I spotted a baby woodpecker struggling in the heavy rain and picked it up and held it in my cupped hands until the rain stopped. Sweet birdie then flew back into the tree I presume it fell from. Yay! Then I stood with Mr. Buddy in the run-to before coming inside to strip from soaked clothes and warmed up with some coffee... I think tomorrow I am gonna let Buddy and Rose play a bit in the same field since this bad weather should have moved on by then.... stay tuned. 



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