midweek mixtape! hello, December!

 Hey all! Yessss this is my first December post. Midweek Mixtape this week is good and is a three-parter! I will post the other parts tomorrow and again on Friday with little updates and hopefully the 'want/ need' segment. Life has been good, but we've had a few wrenches thrown in here and there. You can check out my instagram for more regular updates. Misty's surgery from September ended up being the beginning of a long ordeal of touch and go, and although she has a long road to recovery, she is getting the best care and I will post more on her situation after her vet visit Friday. 

I have been doing really great since my surgery, thankfully - this means I can tend to the sicklies here at the farm. Hazel recovered fully from her tumor removals and should be getting her eye removed in the next month or so when she has enough healthy skin around her eye to work with for her removal..

.... I hope you enjoy this mix!  



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