suppertime strolls....

Howdy! It's been a minute since my last post, and gahhhhh I just have had the hardest time getting back in the groove of things since the time change and the new farm feeding & chore schedule, but it is all coming together now and I am back to where I think daily posting will be easy once again. With the daily posts, and my love of all things Christmas, I will be bringing back the "want/ need/ hear/ read or see" segment!!! 

For now, I want to talk about the suppertime stroll and how it was so helpful in me not gaining any weight during the holidays! Back in the fall of 2013, I started this little thing called the suppertime stroll. At the time, we lived in Athens, and right downtown, so it was easy to just walk out the door and stroll. I went daily - sometimes with Christian and sometimes with girlfriends, and each time was 2-3 miles and so refreshing. It was the time of year when people were decorating for Christmas, so the walks were somewhat magical.... A few months later, we moved to Winterville and the country living didn't really provide a safe place to continue the suppertime stroll, so I used most of my free time after work to work on clearing the acreage we moved to that had been neglected for years.... 

Well, last night I started back the suppertime strolls. Our little town has recently created this beautiful walking and biking path that is pretty well lit, and connects with the existing lit sidewalks so we can get 2-3 miles here as well. I met a friend. and we walked three miles in the cool crisp air. I am super excited about the upcoming Christmas season, the next year, and all of the exciting new things I am considering in the future. While some nights I am on my own for these strolls, these provide the time and space for all my creative and ambitious plans for the next year. 

While I haven't taken any pics this year, here are some of the snapshots from that first year.....

...anyway, life has been good, I got cleared from running on Monday, and have been working on my pace the last few mornings before work. I am about to head out for the ol' suppertime stroll, and then will be planning tomorrow's want/ need post with the first of many Christmas wants! 



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