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Good afternoon! Happy 11/11!!! I pretty much took the entire month of October off to recover from my hysterectomy and journal about the daily recovery process. Now at almost 6 weeks post-op, I am back to 100% and getting in 5 miles per morning, as well as back to work. I haven't felt this good in years, and would be happy to answer any questions that I may not have addressed here - you can use the contact form to the left on this page..... 

October 3:
I prepared the farm crew to be fed in the evenings when Christian was at work and could not be more grateful for that help. What I did was to take an hour to pre-package individual feed sacks for the upcoming week, put them in a bin just outside of the goat's field (and also another bin outside of the horse's field) but having done that for when I was away, I decided to continue doing this through the short winter days to make my daily chores easier and more doable when the dark creeps in so early! SO on Saturdays, I do this, and then feeding allllll the animals only takes 5 minutes each day during the week! 
Eli approves too! 

October 4:
 I got the most pretty little bouquet of daisies left on my porch from a dear friend and also dropped Reece off at his school for boarding and training while I was gone. If you haven't figured out by now, Reece is super special needs and that was the best option for him while I was away....
October 5: 
I am so lucky that I was able to have my mom with me for the entire day of my surgery. She had a hysterectomy many years ago, and I wanted her there in case of any complications arose that first day. Due to the coronavirus, the hospital allows only one visitor per day, so knowing I was going to be there at least one night, I wanted her there the first day, and Christian there the next. 

I took this pic probably an hour after surgery. Surgery took 3.5 hours, and although it was supposed to be a laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy with several small incisions (and I got the incisions for that particular surgery), but due to complications it turned into a total abdominal hysterectomy, so I also got the big cut across my abdomen, which I was informed would mean a longer hospital stay of at least 2 nights. 

Despite all that, I woke up feeling quite refreshed - nothing like I thought, my chronic back pain WAS GONE (!!!), and I took my first of many walks down the hospital hall within 5 1/2 hours after surgery. I did "stay ahead of my pain" and used the dilaudid pump as often as it would let me for the first 10 hours, but then after giving it a break, realized I didn't need it, and switched over to ibuprofen and never needed any more than the antiinflammation meds..

October 6:
I didn't get much sleep due to the hourly vitals checks, but by 8am, they removed the IV, took out my catheter, and walking was much easier without having to lug all that stuff around. I ended up walking over a mile in the hospital that day, and upon observation was allowed to be released at 5pm - YES hallelujah !!!! 

after I was dismissed and went home, I walked the dirt road, did visual checks on my farm crew, and  started a routine of resting for 2-3 hours and walking slowly for 15-20 minutes. I also took ibuprofen every 6 hours and was feeling great. I also was able to collect my very first eggs from this new flock I got over the summer!!!! What a sweet welcome home!

October 7:
Today was the day I got to see my boy Reece for the first time since I dropped him off at school! His teacher dropped him off around 8am and he had so much fun, I think I was more excited to see him than he was to see me - ha! Again, I was taking ibuprofen and would watch TV or nap for a few hours, then go out and walk for 15-20 minutes and did this from sunrise to sunset.

October 8:
I started noticing my arm was getting infected where I had a sizable mass removed on September 29. I called to get an appointment for next day - boooooo! Again, walking and resting, my walking pace was getting a little more normal, and I realized I didn't need the ibuprofen in the evening - still feeling great and my walks have been adding up between 2-3 miles per day! I also had some delicious white chicken chili and brownies dropped off by neighbors! yummmmm.... 

October 9:
Went to the doc who performed the arm surgery and it was indeed infected  a bit. A round of antibiotics and some special ointment specifically to prevent and treat staph. More walking, working up to 3.4 miles today and still resting 2-3 hours in between 20-30 min walks. Again, no need for ibuprofen! No pain at all except for some slight discomfort when trying to lay on my side. 

October 10:
Lots of rest and walks again and spending time outside getting fresh air in between walks and naps....

October 11:
Super foggy, eerie, beautiful, and cool. It was misty all day so I didn't walk as much as the previous days, but still got in 2.9 miles.  Did a lot of porch sittin' and animal watchin'....

October 12:
Was able to feel confident taking Reece on an actual walk for the first time since I got back home. He's been playing in the fenced yard up until then, but LOVES his walks! Back up to 3.2 miles and feeling amazing still! Had my one week post-op appt and got my staples out! All looks well! 

October 13/14:
Feeling great, feeling pretty, swelling is going down, and I almost got in 4 miles today!!!! 
In not so great news, I noticed Misty needed a vet visit... She had surgery the week before me, and now her surgery site was infected.... Luckily a friend came to help assist since I wasn't supposed to be handling livestock yet.... 

cone of shame is back on, and now shall remain in place for at least two more weeks... She is gonna be fine though! 

October 15:
I walked just over 5 miles on the dirt road and farm, found a nest of eggs from my girls in the hay bales, and am planning on taking my first real walk on the firefly trail this weekend! Aside from my belly being numb, I can't really tell I have even had major surgery! So grateful to be recovering so well...

October 16:
Made a pecan pie today with the eggs I found yesterday. It was misty again so only got in 4 miles, and pretty much had pie for all my meals! 

October 17:
My first actual walk on the firefly trail since October 3!!! 2 miles to start the day on the trail and then walking on the farm for  a grand total of 5.9 miles for the day!

October 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23
Walking the firefly trail daily in addition to my walks around the farm and still getting rest in between. So far have worked up to 6.5 miles! 

October 24:
Mom and my aunt picked me up for some thrifting, Mexican food, and a little hike! Even after a full day out, I feel good. Tired but good, and I went to bed early! 

October 25-26:
Walk, sleep. On the 26th, I got in 9.7 miles.....

October 27:
3 week post op checkup. Dr. approves of more walking, is impressed with how well I am doing and thinks it is because I waited waaaaaaaay to long to eradicate my pain issues. Cleared for driving and guess what?? She even said I am cleared to hop on my lawn tractor and mow!!! Yip! First half day back at work, then out for a happy hour drink after. I am feeling back to 100%. 

October 28:
Did 5 miles on the Firefly Trail and have worked up to less than a 17 minute average mile! One week ago I was at 25 minute miles, so this made me feel really great! Oh! In farm news, I got my first green egg!!

October 29:
I still feel amazing and after walking the Firefly, and the big storm from last night, all of our pecans fell at once, so I decided to pick up what I could....

October 30:
Still feeling great and after a 4 mile walk, decided to dress like a taco for work for Halloween ! 

 I will be back tomorrow morning with a typical blog post, and feel I am completely healed from the hysterectomy, so you shouldn't hear any more from me about that! Thank for all who brought food, helped with the animals, and stopped by for a visit! Christian was a most helpful nurse when I needed it and when he wasn't at work, but honestly I didn't need much at all! 

I think this space is ready for our tree, so I will be working on that in the next few days!!!


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