want/ need/ hear/ read (living & working in quarantine city edition)

I want to start working on fencing different fields around the property and also to make a place for Reece to train and play off-leash since all the private dog parks are closed for the foreseeable future! We just started walking for socialization purposes in our little town yesterday morning, and he is doing great, granted we are basically walking through a ghost town... This morning? Even better!! I figure this is a perfect time to get him slowly acclimated to seeing folks (and cars) out and about....

My mower is in the shop getting all tuned up for the year, and I need my John Deere fix soon! All this pandemic chaos anxiety could be quickly remedied with a little "work" while playing with my FAVORITE TOY!

I bought this book recently and have been reading bits and pieces each morning with my coffee before work... You can get it here for $10!

Stay sane out there guys! I am lucky to be able to still go into work, as my job is considered to be part of an essential business. Luckily I don't have to interact with anyone outside of the office and we have been diligent on practicing social distancing! We have been catching up on Netflix while we work and watched Tiger King yesterday... wow.  Make music and art! Love each other! Send out snail mail! Foster a dog or cat! Practice compassion!! Happy Friday!!


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