snowwwwww! omg!

 First, I will start by saying that I was totally anticipating snow today, but I do that most days in the winter - ha! However today, I actually prepared for it. I overfed the animals this morning before I left to do my shelter dog work, and even cleaned and re-bedded the goat's little hut. When I left around 8:30 this morning, the farm was ready for some of that white stuff..... scroll to the end for videos of the farm crew in the snow!

....and on my way home, it started.... OMG. Boy, do dreams come true....

 Reece was trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue!

 ...the goats were super appreciative of their newly hayed hut!

 it was the most beautiful big snowflakes, fluffy, white, and it is now melting and leaving, but oh what a beautiful and magical little day!!!!

I am planning tomorrow's sunday sweet treat now while all the curtains are open to the partially white field outside... I am thinking along the lines of cinnamon rolls... whatcha think? I hope you enjoyed the pics and vids of my fun little snow covered Saturday! 


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