be mine & a valentine's mixtape

to my valentine ......

I love that despite all our differences, you think I am the best girl you have ever laid eyes on.

you hold me, make me laugh, make me feel better when I am down, 
allow me to be completely absurd, act like a fool, 
no one can make me laugh like you can. 
you make me feel alive when times are dark. you make me realize I can do anything, even when I don't believe in myself.
when life throws chaos at us, we sometimes get caught up in it, but eventually reach the point where we can hold hands and dance together through it until we reach the other side. 
my love for you has expanded and grown in ways I never imagined possible. 
you didn't bat an eye when i informed you I was bringing any of the animals home. You just allow things to be, even when they don't fully make sense. 
i am overflowing with gratitude for my time with you this life affords me...
I cannot even begin to explain the beauty that runs through your veins, pumps through your heart, and loves me deeply when i need it most. forever grateful to have found the real thing and to be celebrating our 21st valentine's day together.....


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