wet and rainy monday.....

Good morning - it is wet and gross here in Winterville, and I am not inspired at all to get moving. I really don't look forward to going out and feeding on mornings like this. Annnnnyway, I had a pretty good weekend before the rain rolled in. I did my first Sunday Sweet Stuff of the year, got in several hours of volunteer work both days with shelter dogs, made lots of farm plans for the next pretty weekend, downed a few more episodes of Schitt's Creek with Christian, had breakfast with a friend, got in lots of cuddles with Reece, and spent time with my mom. 

 I am currently working on my January goals for the farm and life, which I plan to detail here later in the week! Happy Monday and I hope everyone stays afloat during all this rain! I am off to feed the farm crew and walk Reece before heading to work....



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