weekly photo project.... 1/52

I have decided that once per week, I am going to focus on highlighting a hobby that I really love. Photography. In cataloguing my photos over the last several years, I came across so many that have really cool stories or meaning behind them, and most of my favorite images have been born out of spontaneity. This week is a really cool one. Pretty much the same angle of my house, from almost the same spot in the horse pasture over the last five years. I stumbled across these while organizing.... and though "why not?!?"

Over the years, I have found myself preferring the view of the house from it's "best side".... the far left field where the horses graze... I tend to gravitate towards their field because I can really get lost in the moment and not worry about paying attention to anything (this includes a large horned goat by the name of Eli who will and has decided to come at me full on headbutt mode for no reason at all other than to be an ass).... I most always have my phone or my little canon powershot in my pocket and gravitate towards this very shot. I stare in awe and disbelief that I live on this little slice of heaven, and was so close to having my daddy see it before he passed away. I even tend to stand out in this field in the pitch black night, sometimes with Christian pointing out constellations, discovering new things with the SkyGuide app on my phone, and leaning into Rose while thinking how lucky of a gal I am....
Anyway, in going through all my pics from the last several years, and organizing files on my computer, I decided to post a few from pretty much the exact same spot I gravitate to in the field. It was cool to see so many shots from the same angle, on so many different days, through the different seasons.

Happy Saturday! 



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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your slice of heaven in all the seasons and shades of light!