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bangs. am I crazy? I have fine wispy hair, and lately with the new year I have seriously been contemplating bangs! Who better to get lost in bang world on than Jane Birkin?

I need to get my tools organized. I went to fix a horse fence yesterday and would you believe nothing was where it was supposed to be?? I have tools EVERYWHERE. I need one of these and I think if I had one, I'd use it.... If you are on the same page as me and need to get organized, you can click on pics to be directed to website for more info!


this book... the illustrations are pretty and the story is a Brothers Grimm fair tale and you just can't go wrong there....

I am happy to be finally getting over the funk/ cold/ pink eye/ sinus infection that kept me very limited in my day-to-day farm stuff for over THREE WEEKS. If you know me, you know I absolutely hate being sick and sometimes even accidentally prolong my sickness by not slowing down like I need to, but I am all done for a while now at least!! I haven't been that sick since 2015!!! Anyway, Happy Monday!!

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