What weird weather. the poor trees are confused, the animals are confused, and even I am confused! Right when I think I have enough hay to get me through until the warmer weather, I check the weather and the lows will be in the 20s again!
 the horses think they are starving, and clearly they are NOT. Both have little hay bellies and the fluffiest winter coats...

 also, I have tried every alternative to my coffee crack (coffee mate french vanilla), and all of them have failed. I have also realized one of my requirements is that I need my creamer to be WHITE. It is the visual of cream that also satisfies my vanilla coffee needs. All the veg alternatives are brown. Boo.
 Bonnie prefers to conduct her own heat rather than cuddle with her goat frands. All limbs are there, just under that warm body!
 Reece has learned that if the light is right, posing is part of his duties. 
 ....and he is loving the car rides SO MUCH lately, he refuses to get out. He just sits there like this....
night, yall! 


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