One of my goals in 2020 was to share a photo or series of photos each week that meant a lot to me, and that were born out of pure spontaneity. Most of my friends know I always have a camera on me and I see pretty much every moment as a photo opportunity. I want to really savor it all and have a permanent tangible, easily accessible copy of it all. You can see all the entries in this weekly project by clicking HERE
These are some of the most fun and spontaneous photos I have ever taken that I actually happen to be in.... Taken in Vegas at the Bellagio between the hours of midnight and 3am back in December 2013......My dad was also in Sin City at the same time and he showed me alllllllll around since this was my first time! I sold the dresses, but I still have the fabulous shoes!
We had just gotten back from an early evening of watching a bit of gambling, and I decided the hallway was the perfect setting for an impromptu photoshoot, so I set up the tripod, set the timer... We swapped outfits and even ran back to change, and boom! Surprisingly, we didn't get any complaints even though we were making lots of noise - ha! 
 ..these pictures say how I felt at that exact moment. Nothing but pure child-like joy and the feeling that we were getting away with something. I mean who didn't love running up and down hallways as a kid, but always got in trouble?? 

 ....and no. There was absolutely no one else around for these pics. No one opened their doors to see what all the commotion was, where the noise was coming from, or why it sounded like horses galloping up and down the hallway. I guess when in Vegas, these types of occurrences are not rare.

hope you enjoyed! 

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