thankfully feasting!

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I hope yours was as lovely as ours. We opted for a small quiet vegetarian feast on the farm. I am truly thankful for all of the amazing people and loved ones in my life. I don’t think I have ever been this happy and at peace! I am thankful for Christian for his heart of gold and unwavering support in whatever it is I want to do, my mom, brother, sister, and the closeness we share that seems a bit rare in this day and age.... to my friends who have stuck by my side all these years and are always there whenever I need them (one in particular that made the drive down from Maine in a split second when my dad died), my fellow animal rescue warriors who mend their broken hearts daily for the sake of saving more animals, for my own animals who have taught me so much, and lastly for the physical ability to do all I do - I will never take my able-ness for granted. I have so many more things I could list, but I think I’ve noted the most important ones. I think I am one extremely lucky gal.... 

I’m beyond excited that Christmas time is here!! I hope you all ate too much today and sleep well with full bellies tonight. I am about to have one more slice of cake with a hot cup of 1000 Faces Decaf Monk... night! 

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