10 things tuesday....

Well, here it is....ten things tuesday annnnnnnnnd it includes a few things on my Christmas wish list at the end of this post. :)
1. we are super excited about planning our very first vegetarian thanksgiving... 
2. this old advertisement is so great:
3. this tree. I am currently shopping for a pink Christmas tree for the shop. I don't want a tinsel tree, so it is tricky..... anyone in/ near Athens, GA know of where I can find a pastel pink tree? 4 - 5' ?
4. after-feast naps.... I am SO EXCITED to have lots of opportunities for naps over the holiday weekend!
5. this vintage Dunkin Donuts thermos (I saw this one on ebay). I used to have one of these and TWENTY YEARS AGO (yes!!!) Christian and I would fill it up and walk to the UGA campus at night and sit on the lawn and sip coffee and talk and laugh until all the coffee was gone.....

......and now for my Christmas wishlist!

When I was a kid, it was so easy to list all the things I wanted from Santa. I mean the sky was the limit, right? You ask for it all and you get some of it. As I grew older, and moved out, my wish list became things I needed. Christian and I moved into our very first rental house back in 2001, so it was practical home things. As time passed, it became harder to make lists, just because I had everything i needed, and wasn't quite sure what I wanted... but this year, I am feeling it. That childlike Christmas feeling.... that magic. 

6. I want a record player for the workshop.....
7. I want to paint my stairs to the loft..... so a gift card to sherwin williams please! 

 8. Reeses miniatures. Yummmmmmmmmm. 
 9. A Kit Cat clock. We had one of these several years ago, and I don't know what happened to it.... maybe it just quit working, and we opted not to pack it in one of our moves....

 10. I want to reset, reconnect, and go out on a hot date with Christian before the end of the year. We never leave the house together anymore.... <3
 photo source (here)
 I hope you all have enjoyed my list! I am excited that tomorrow is my friday at work, so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! 

See you all here tomorrow for the midweek mixtape, dahhhhlings! 


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